Lake Mills, Wisconsin
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I entered a vacation sweepstakes at a mall in madison, wi. - a few weeks later, Windham called to inform me that I had won their biggest prize package ever!

[valued at $6,000] They went through everything with me and had it all set up but when they asked of my living situation- which should be private and no revelence to entering or winning a contest anywhere- they quickly took it all away. Wow. really?! What a scam!

I certainly will not ever vacation with anything or anywhere they are a part of- as I am sure that will go for everyone I know and everyone I tell. I have never heard of anything like this in my life. Windham is a joke! As I hear of all the dis-satisfied people that have got sucked into their resorts, hotels, vacations or whatever they are associated with, I am glad I didn't have anything to do with them as I am sure it would have just ended in more disappointment.

People- watch out for entering any contests they are associated with - walk away- they are a scam!

Disney, Carnival or Sandals is the way to go. They don't rip people off.

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